Sunday, 11 September 2011

Weipa - Bramwell Station - Seisa - Cape York (The Tip) - Thursday Island

Weipa was a lot nicer than expected, we had a really nice grassy campsite on the beach front and the sunsets were lovely. We were also lucky enough to see a dingo that came within 3 mts of our tent.

Weipa is a mining town , Bauxite is mined to produce aluminium. We took a tour of the mine which was quite interesting.

The hospitality in Weipa was interesting ................ we were greeted at the bowls club bar with
 "wadda yers want"
After Weipa we headed to Bramwell Station where we had a nice meal with a bonus as they had satellite TV and Mark got to watch Geelong thrash Collingwood .......... (sorry Michael & Leah, had to mention it) Not long after we left Bramwell Station we came across this large snake on the road. He wasn't happy about us checking him out  and was rearing up at the car.

All through our travels of the Northern Territory there has been controlled burning but we were surprised to see so much burning going on in such isolated areas of FNQ , this photo was taken along the Old Telegraph Track, the fire was vey close to the road.

One of the highlights of the trip was Eliot Falls and Fruit Bat falls, spectacular waterfalls that were safe to swim as the crocs can't climb the rocks to get to those areas.

What a welcome relief this was to wash off some of the dust and cool down, with no showers at this campground we were glad to be able to have this swim.

Seisa was the next stop, a really windy spot, very warm and once again a campground on a lovely beach but it was a no go zone, apparently a large croc patrolled the beach most days.

We were almost there only 35 klms to "The Tip" .

Early the next day we headed off early for the last part of the trek.

We made it !

Before we headed back down we decided to do a trip to Thursday Island........... we had lunch at the most northern pub in Australia and there were some lovely views but it was all a bit underwhelming.

We headed back down the next day ................ it took us ten days to get to  " The Tip " but only two days to get back down !!!
The next couple of days were spent at Wonga beach cleaning red dust from everything.

We will now start heading south along the coast ............Cairns (again - 4th visit ) .......then on to  Bowen.

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