Saturday, 11 June 2011

Blackall to Longreach

Heard there was a market on in Blackall, so we dropped in on our way out of town , didn't take long , 3 stalls..........but we bought some nice coffee and walnut cake from a strange looking fella who bakes all these delicate cakes and slices.
It's great towing your house , when we need a break from driving we just pull into a rest stop and make a coffee. We are still having trouble with the time frames, there was entertainment in the Caravan Park tonight but it started at 6.30 pm , when everyone else has already prepared eaten and dishes done we are just thinking of starting to cook. I have also noticed that we are the only caravan in the park that still has lights on after 10 pm and often we wake up to find half of the caravans in the park gone.
Hasn't been a lot to see between towns but we have seen quite a bit of wildlife, lots of emus, feral cats, foxes, hawkes, eagles, pigs (only dead ones, road kill) little pink piglets and of couse kangaroos who like tp play chicken, we have gone close to collecting a couple.
Qantas Founders Museum...............Heritage listed orginal 1922 Quantas hanger
Lots to see in this museum , we ran out of time so will be back tomorrow morning to see the rest.
This is a DC3 was a passenger aircraft used around the 1940 and 50's.

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