Saturday, 18 June 2011

Mt Isa

Arrived in Mt Isa early in the day and spent most of the day restocking and washing, We were a bit over looking at museums etc so we spent the day shopping, washing and cleaning the dust on the outside of the van. It was nice to see the sun , cold overnight , down to 2c but lovely day 22c.
We had a look through the underground hospital today, it was dug in 1942 after Darwin was bombed, as the government thought that Mt Isa would be a target as most of the lead for ammunition came from the mines from this area. It was used until the end of the war and then was abandoned , covered over and left with all the equipment etc until it was accidentally discovered by a developer in the 70's , it was once again left until a group of volunteers restored it 1998.
                                          They obviously couldn't do much for this guy.
We had a look around Lake Moondarra this afternoon, it is the water catchment for Mt Isa.
Our plan for tomorrow is to travel for most of the day heading to Tennant Creek, we will probably free camp.

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