Saturday, 4 June 2011

Heading off ..............a wobbly start

Friday 3rd June 2011 - Finally the day is here for us to leave on our big trip, well prepared , everything checked and double checked .........or so we thought.
Backing the caravan into the driveway with 100mm to spare each side ended up not being the stressful event that we were expecting , so surely driving it out should be a breeze............ until we heard the sickening sound a twisting metal and shattering timber ( I stress at this point , no fault can be attributed to my hand signals )  The step had not been retracted and took out a few of the pickets from the front fence (at this time I didn't think that it was appropriate to whip out the camera to document this event )  Faced with a twisted step and damaged gate our departure was delayed. Mark did some quick panel beating and carpentry and once again we were on our way.............or so we thought.
Not far out of Drysdale I happened to say , you do have your phone and wallet .......................they were still sitting on top of the microwave in the kitchen, so back we went, I was hoping that we weren't being watched, if so , they were having a good laugh.

We arrived in Deniliquin and managed to secure a very nice spot for the caravan at an excellent tariff that included dinner and cooked breakfast ( Pip and Liz's house )
Although, when we opened the door of the caravan we were surprised by the amount of pantry items on the floor and the door of the bathroom jammed shut  !!!!

Mark and Pip to the rescue and all the issues were resolved in no time.

Saturday 4th June - Travelled to Forbes , cold, raining 12c , will be getting away early tomorrow, have 6 hour drive ahead of us to Lightening Ridge

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