Thursday, 16 June 2011

Winton to Carisbrooke ( cattle & sheep station)

Our first experience taking the van on a dirt road, Carisbrooke is a working cattle station that conducts tours (expensive tours) and has camping facilities. As you see by the photo we didn't have a lot of company but it ended up quite a good night we had a fire and spent a bit of time with a couple that are working in Mt Isa and take off on trips on their days off.
We also had the company of this little creature in the photo below, he wouldn't leave us alone , we think that he liked the warmth of the fire, we think he could be a bush rat.
We went out to Lark Quarry during the day to see the prints of the Dinosaur stampede, it was amazing, the prints were found in the 70's but the site has only been protected and preserved in the last 5 years.
The paleontologists believe the a large meat eating Dinosaur came to the waterhole and caused the stampede as he was heading one way and the smaller dinosaurs were running the other way.
We left caribrooke station and headed towards Mt Isa , we decided to stop for the night 60klms before Mt Isa at a free camp as it was getting late in the day, we were there at 4 o'clock but obviously other campers stake there spot much ealier as we ended up close to the road, so fairly noisy with the road trains thundering past. It's 9.00 pm and we are the only one with a light still on (about 20 campers)
Not sure about this free camping , no facilities, no tele , no heating, it might be more appealing when it's a bit warmer.

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