Friday, 1 July 2011

Berry Springs

Mark thought that it was about time he got his fishing rod wet, so we headed off to Mandorah pier after some reliable info from some of the old fishermen in the caravan park. After a long afternoon sitting on the pier being entertained by the locals back and forward on the ferry to get their supplies from Darwin , this is what the fisherman had to show for the afternoon (see below)
But you should have seen the ones that got away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dinner at the pub was a good option , Barra burgers , considering we had nothing to cook it was a good choice.Great pub on the water , good company , Sue & Tony from SA, good food, cold drinks .
Berry Springs ........... lovely warm thermal springs , but unfortunately it was Territory Day today and every man and his dog were at the springs, there is a very accessible water fall but we had no chance of getting anywhere near it . We settled on one of the other pools but were soon joined by a group we named the  "cackling cast of cocoon"  astride their various coloured noodles , we had spotted them at another pool and avoided them, but unfortunately they floated down to where we were.
What was surprising was the number of fish that were in these pools, we were surrounded by them, unfortunately no fishing here.
Just got back from a fire works display at the local school, before the professional display the locals let off their fireworks , you can buy any amount of fireworks here. It went for a couple of hours and was quite spectacular.
Off to Darwin tomorrow , plan to stay put for a week.

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