Thursday, 28 July 2011

Cairns - Kuranda

We went to Kuranda today which is a town in the mountains that has a seven day a week market, as well as many Art Galleries and Tourist wildlife parks. The lookout on the way up there gives you a great view over Cairns to the ocean
I came across this and couldn't resist it........a real stuffed cane toad which is a fridge magnet ........ I bet you all can't wait to find out who the lucky recipient of this will be..............  have to wait till we get home   (no Sam, I won't make you put this in your new kitchen)
There is every type of Australian souvenir available from the markets and some good food spots, we had lunch at the German Tucker Wurthouse......delicious.......not surprising but most of the cafes are cash only !!  There were a few tax agents up there but no surprise that they didn't seem busy at all.
The caravan park that we are currently in must also supply alarm clocks..........every morning we have been woken at 8.15 (sorry to all the workers) by a small dove sitting on the top of the van near the hatch making a very loud cooing sound..........odd.

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