Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lawn Hill to Karumba

Almost 300 klms of dirt road, some of the road had been well maintained by the mine between Lawn Hill and Gregory Downs but when one of their large trucks passed us going the opposite way we totally lost any vision because of the dust.

Apart from the dust we saw lots of bird life, flocks of green budgies, cockatiels, galahs , cockatoos and finches.
We found it very difficult getting a caravan site at Karumba and ended up in a caravan park in town (not at the beach where we would have liked to have been) the site was almost on the road , no shade and right behind the toilets , when I say right behind I mean you can here the flushing !!!!!    We also seem to be surrounded by industry, with trucks coming and going all night and the constant buzz of machinery. We were here 11 years ago and nothing much has changed............. we're wondering why we came back.............Karumba attracts a lot of tourists for the fishing but you need to have a boat.
          Karumba does have beautiful sunsets over the water, this was taken from the sunset bar while enjoying a Sav Blanc for me and a beer for Mark.
           Leaving tomorrow heading to Mission Beach but will need to stop over night somewhere, we are hoping to free camp about half way............free camping is a designated rest area , some are day use only but others are overnight stops, unfortunately some of the annoying grey nomads use them like caravan parks and race to get the best spots and are all set up by lunch time, then just sit by their van all day............so when we get to them later in the day the rest stops are packed.

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