Friday, 22 July 2011

Karumba to Mission Beach

The trip from Karumba was fairly uneventful apart from the unfenced cattle that wander on to the highway, you are never sure which way they will run, so you have to be very aware of them.
Well surprisingly we did get a spot at a free overnight camp, we also meet a couple Coline and Doug there who were from Perth and are travelling for 3 years.
After almost 7 weeks we have left the red dust behind and have hit beautiful tropical Queensland.
Mission Beach .............beautiful one day ............perfect the;s been around 25c every day.
Cyclone Yasi certainly did some damage here, most of the trees had the foliage stripped from them and many snapped in half. There is good regrowth now but the area is still struggling to recover.
Dunk Island is only 4 klms away but unfortunately is closed as it was badly damaged and there is doubt that it will ever be open for business again, they are unable to get any future insurance cover.
" Jump the Beach" must be on top of the list of every backpacker that travels to Queensland. They drop groups of them on tandem jumps about every couple of hours, they jump from the plane at 22,000 ft and once the parachute opens you can hear the excited squeals, whooping and cheers.

Next destination Cairns.

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