Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Back to Cairns

Change of plans............... from Wonga Beach we headed back to Cairns for a couple of days, yesterday we had lunch at the waterfront then to the movies to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

The peacock at Wonga Beach put on a show for us before we left.
These unusual birds ... Curlews.... were at the caravan park at Cairns nesting ,of all places in the kids playground under one of the climbing towers, the male had the kids totally bluffed , they can be quite aggressive and put on a show with wings flapping when they felt threatened and during the night they make a high pitched wailing.

Due to Tiger Airlines still being grounded unfortunately Rachael wont be joining us, she will travel later in the year to spend time with Kate at Trinity beach. We are meeting Pip and Liz around the 25th August , so rather that just hand around Wonga Beach we thought that we would head to Townsville and Charters Towers then head back north to get ready to head to Cape York.

54 klms north of Townsville is Rollingstone, what a lovely place, our caravan site is beachfront, we put some lines in but nothing......the guy next to us caught a couple , so with the right bait we give it another go tomorrow. The weather has been lovely here today ....about 26c and sunny.

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