Thursday, 4 August 2011

Cairns to Wonga Beach

After 10 days we left Cairns and made the short trip to Wonga Beach. As soon as we arrived Mark being the good provider found us a coconut. Michael and Leah, I hope that you can come up with some coconut recipes, we have coconuts dropping all around us and a few will be making the trip back down south.
Wonga Beach is about 40 klms north of Port  Douglas
its a beautiful beach and also deserted , we felt like Tom Hanks in Castaway yesterday,   Mark even found a wilson on the beach which got kicked along for our marathon walk .

Someone in this area has way too much time on their hands , we came across one thong tree yesterday and further up the beach today we came across another.
There are lots of creatures up here, Geckos are usually on the roof of the shower block but Mark found this baby one on the floor of the mens toilet, I don't think that he would have lasted very long there.
We had a look around Port Douglas today and decided that it's not really for us, lots of shops, restaurants and cafes, the weather was a bit ordinary today, but the beach was also unimpressive. We've decided to stay put at Wonga Beach until we head to Mt Carbine to put the caravan into storage while we travel to Cape York.
Off to Mossman Gorge tomorrow.

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