Thursday, 11 August 2011


What a lovely location, best caravan park so far , our caravan is about 6 mts from the sand and Mark can fish from the beach close to the fish yet but at least he has been able to get the rod out.
The tide goes out a really long way , we went out looking for bait in the rock pools unfortunately no bait but loads of interesting hermit crabs.

The photo below is just in front of the van , the tide was on the way in and the sun had just gone down.
We drove out to the Paluma Region today..........but we should have known Queensland marketing at work again..........The brochure gives a recommended itinerary which suggests lunch at the Paluma Village .........unfortunately , it was like a ghost town .......not one cafe or shop open.... the smoke from the fires at Townsville meant that there was nothing to see from lookout ...........also two of the main sites to visit were closed ......probably due to cyclone Yasi.
Aside from that there was great scenery of rock formations , gorges and waterholes. 

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