Monday, 22 August 2011

Bramston Beach - Cairns (again) - Wonga Beach

Heading back north again and decided to check out one of Sue's recommendations - Bramston Beach. It would have been a lovely caravan park years past but the land has been sold for a housing development so there has been no maintenance carried out for a long time and it's a free for all,  no rules many of the campers were interesting characters. We were there over a weekend so lots of families with screaming babies that took it in turns to make a racket !
Mark did a bit of fishing but only caught a small brim and a puffer fish......big crabs were eating his bait but would drop off before he could pull them in.
This was the view from our caravan.

 Back to Cairns for a couple of nights and a chance to re stock. We have just arrived back at Wonga Beach .......... the weather is much nicer this time (25c and sunny) , it rained off and on most of the time we were here last 's taken us a while but we have wised up to the fact that if we go unpowered we can get away from the annoying caravan sitting, cackling, grey nomads and its much nicer are not so crowded in. As long as we are getting some sun on the solar panels we don't need to be on a powered site and we can also still have TV.
We are expecting Pip and Liz to arrive tomorrow afternoon ......we will spend a couple of days here then off to the Tip ( Cape York)

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