Monday, 1 August 2011

Observations after 2 months on the road

I thought that it was time to report on what we have observed after being on the road for 2 months , this post is sure to grow , so if it interests you,check back from time to time, as this will be a work in progress.

  • I unintentionally have a caravan haircut 
  • Not fond of long drops
  • There are a lot of  "Old Farts in Caravan Parks"
  • We have found out that we can survive several days without tele,Internet, power and phone .....but Mark adds not grog
  • Almost anything can be cooked in a Weber Baby Q
  • Winter in the north is like Melbourne's summer
  • A man past his prime shouldn't wander around a caravan park bare chested in his baggy shorts.
  • A woman past her prime returning from the showers in a towel only is not a good look
  • Steer clear of caravan parks that accept pets.............nothing wrong with the pets but their owners are nuts.
  •  Camping close to a Slider is to be avoided...............A Slider is usually a rental combi van type vehicle that are accessed via a sliding door which makes a loud slide .........bang to open ..........slide bang to close.............several times a night.  Sliders sneak into the camping area of a National Park under the cover of darkness , use all the facilities , then take off at dawn to avoid the camping fees.
  • Motorhomes are monstrous slow moving vehicles that have a certain breed of old fart that as a hobby modifies the manufacturers specifications of his motorhome to its detriment then stands around with similar old farts who do the same discussing their problems.
  • The more remote the more that they can get at you.............3% surcharge for eftpos ??? Same as credit card.

We have also come across some sayings that are gems

  • While as Carisbrooke Station , one of the guests was questioning the station owner why he was still struggling considering the drought was over he replied  " Well, it doesn't rain money"
  • While discussing the high price of a particular caravan park a fellow camper said "well i've never seen a coffin with pockets"
That's it for now ................i'm sure there will be more to this space.

Some travellers also like to name their caravan, motorhome or are some that we have come across.

  • Adventure before Dementia
  • Ye Old Bull  (that one belonged to a boring old man who was an expert on everything travel)
  • awayagen
  • Groovy Anns Ban
  • Lost Forever
  • Living the Dream
  • Just us 2
  • Peels on Wheels
  • Slopoke
  • Lucky Pigs
  • Tellembuggerem
  • Steve and Karin's Aussie Adventure
On the lookout for more ................will update this list

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